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REZZ shares details + teaser trailer for ‘Nightmare on REZZ Street’ [WATCH]

Rezzy Kruger is the preferred name of Isabelle Rezazadeh for the month of October.

The “Hex” producer just doesn’t want to hold out on her fans any longer over the meaning behind her mysteriously teased “Nightmare on Rezz Street” project. With only four days left until it’s release, REZZ has taken to Twitter to announce that the Nightmare is “a 32-minute Halloween mix of original, unreleased music that fans would never have access to otherwise.”

The mixtape will feature 13 brand new REZZ cuts along with a music video component for each track to tell a larger 32-minute-long story.

She’s also revealed a spooky teaser trailer featuring cartoon REZZ walking against a burning forest backdrop onto a crystal ball. Upon touching it, the ball explodes into a ton of red DNA double helixes as a fiery REZZ emerges from the chaos. The scene is timed to a ghoulish drop in an unidentified track, which her “cult” followers are no doubt scrambling to ID — along with the rest of the mixtape.

REZZ’s Nightmare on Rezz Street mixtape drops Monday, October 22.