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REZZ shares 32-minute Halloween mixtape filled with all-unreleased material

It’s a great day for REZZ’s legion of loyal cult fans!

After making a cryptic announcement last week, and subsequently revealing that the mystery was a 13-track Halloween mix filled with unreleased music, REZZ has shared her “Nightmare on Rezz Street” compilation in the dead of night.

REZZ says of the project: “Some music is very old, some is newer. Either way I want my fans to hear it because I always wonder what my favorite artists never released.”

As an added gift for her loyal “cult” fans, the special release pairs with a full-length  audio-visual component in which REZZ says she and her “entire visuals team lost countless nights of sleep over.” Directed and curated by visual artist Cam MacNeill, the video is the culmination of hard work on the part of ten visual artists coming together to release one larger semi-cohesive storyline.

The 32-minute-long video features a bevy of spooky, witchy themes — complete with a REZZ cartoon figure strolling the night, old silent film stock footage, and a live action ending with cuts of Rezzy Kruger herself walking through the woods and artist REZZ hypnotizing her audiences along multiple tour stops.

REZZ revealed over Twitter that she’s keeping each track titled “ID” because she “wants the mix to flow as one entity as opposed to a promotion of each unreleased single.” Then she invite fans “to just name each track whatever.”