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Watch The Martin Garrix Show S3 E9: Martin Garrix heads to ADE

After a weeklong release spree, Martin Garrix was the main event at the behemoth Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). To celebrate the close of ADE week, Amsterdam Music Festival took place over three days, where Garrix was crowned the No. 1 DJ in the World for 2018.

Now the STMPD Records headmaster has released the latest episode of The Martin Garrix Show, giving audiences insider footage of Garrix and his team testing out the visuals for his back-to-back Amsterdam RAI performances. The 11-minute episode covers his story-driven stage show at ADE, which depicts an AI gaining sentience and transcending its digital form.

Then, Garrix heads into the studio with Polish DJ/producer Blinders where they add finishing touches to the last two tracks comprising Garrix’s 5-track Bylaw EP. Garrix released one single off the EP over his five days leading up to ADE. The tracks are available now: “Yottabyte,” “Access,”  “Breach (Walk Alone),” “Waiting for Tomorrow,” and “Latency.”