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Watch the first episode of Dillon Francis’ new web show, ‘Like and Subscribe’

Funny guy Dillon Francis is known for more than his moombahton-driven big room beats. From DJ Hanzel to Emo Preston, it’s become rather hard to keep up with his many satirical alter-egos. Now he’s added another character to his hilarious repertoire on his much-anticipated series, Like and Subscribe.

Like and Subscribe stars Francis as Skyy Goldwynne, whose self-proclaimed as the most powerful manager in Hollywood. The series follows Goldwynne across seven episodes as he locks four of his influencer clients in a house with a camera crew. The show makes loads of references to real-life online influencers, ultimately offering an intelligent, relatable, and satirical analysis over our ridiculous social media obsessed world.

The 23-minute pilot episode, titled “The House,” is out now on Funny or Die’s YouTube channel. All seven episodes, all produced and starring Dillon Francis, are also available to stream.