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Lido shares striking short film for visual EP, ‘I O U 2’

Upon its November release, Lido’s 5-track I O U 2 short form project was met with excitement and acclaim. The EP was accompanied by selective live showings of a video piece that strung the songs together. No naturally the hype was building for the Norwegian producer to release the closely guarded visual treatment.

Thankfully, fans won’t have to wait any longer as he has now made his entire I O U 2 EP available to stream. The 30-minute short film takes viewers on a journey from inside an apartment to a mystical forest and back again, flying through dazzling scenes and effects along the way. Lido himself has said that the key word of the overall idea was “reflection,” and the motifs of mirrors and Lido peering into his own reflection factor prominently in this visually intense piece.