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mau5trap drops off 35-track ‘We Are Friends Vol. 8’ compilation

Joel Zimmerman is one figure who is as controversial as he is pervasive in the world of dance music. One particular venture for which the mau5trap head honcho has been hitting all the marks is his Canadian independent music label. From it’s early years of creating a platform for Feed Me and Kaskade, and later on REZZ and Getter, to exciting newcomers like ATTLAS, Rinzen, I_o, and many more, mau5trap has long been putting forth some exciting new artists for the masses.

Now mau5trap has released the eighth installment of its iconic compilation series, We Are Friends. Clocking in at nearly three and a half hours in length, the 35-track compilation proves that Zimmerman has an exquisite ear for dance music and is no stranger to finding substance. His newest compilation also showcases his knack for collaboration with up-and-coming artists on his label — from ATTLAS and Holy U‘s “Minor Rain,” to Speaker of the House and Bette Miller’s “Island,” to I_o’s remix of deadmau5‘s “Imaginary Friends,” which was featured on the label boss’s most recent compilation album, where’s the drop?

Without a doubt, 2018 was the year of deadmau5 compilation albums, with newer compilations mau5ville: level 1 and mau5ville: level 2 making their statements in the music industry. Now it appears as if deadmau5 isn’t slowing down in 2019 and his goal is clear: To help burgeoning new artists get their start.