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Feed Me shares next single from incoming sophomore LP, ‘High Street Creeps’

Veteran jack-of-many-trades Jon Gooch is poised to release his second studio album at the end of this month. It’s a project that has been many years in the making. It’s also one that will surely strike a chord with committed Feed Me followers, who’ve been waiting on another full album since 2014’s Calamari Tuesday.

Ever since Gooch announced his next full-length Feed Me project, out February 22, he’s been steadily releasing material from the High Street Creeps LP. The first, “Feel Love,” was a stunning Feed Me electro cut with haunting arps, along with those signature Feed Me synth lines. The second, titled “Sleepless,” is a composition that stands in direct contrast to that tune, offering further proof to the incoming album’s resilient diversity.

“Sleepless” begins gradually with muted vocals, a back-and-forth kick pattern, and a rising tempo that quickly gives way to bubbling arps in halftime after the first drop. The song then turns frantic, yet remains effortless and captivating nonetheless. The tune was featured in last week’s edition of The Friday Wrangler, but we just can’t get enough of it that it needed more attention. This is one that is sure to raise the heartbeats of listeners everywhere.