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GRiZ & Matisyahu tackle gun violence in fresh collaboration, ‘A New Day’

GRiZ has steadily been giving fans a taste of what’s to come on his forthcoming Ride Waves LP, due out April 5. Following the releases of “It Gets Better” feat. DRAM / “Can’t Get Enough” and “I’m Good,” GRiZ’s latest single, “A New Day”, a collaboration with reggae vocalist Matisyahu, provides a fresh and positive social commentary on gun violence.

Dosed in future chill beats and the subtle guitar leads of Muzzy Bear, it’s funky new wave with a political cause. Matisyahu’s vocals bring forth bright reggae vibes and fluid lyrics about putting down your bullets and keeping your heads held high. It’s an interesting contrast to tackle heavy topics, all the while holding onto an uplifting, danceable vibe, but GRiZ and Matisyahu balance the table.

Since his social media hiatus—where Grant spent time focusing on not only his musical art, but painting and spoken word—it’s relatively clear he’s gained an incredible sense of personal balance, clarity, and newfound artistic direction. His latest collaborations speak volumes into his character and depth, so be sure to keep in tune with his forthcoming album and accompanying spring tour to experience all the new material live.

Tickets are available on GRiZ’s website.