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SoundCloud Premier Distribution will upload your tracks to major streaming platforms

Nearly-defeated SoundCloud is back in the game, at least in the business sense. Under the direction of new CEO Kerry Trainor, formerly of Vimeo, the company has undergone some aggressive restructuring, with profits that yielded $100 million in growth last year.

Now Berlin-based streaming platform introduces its newest feature on Soundcloud Premier: Distribution, currently in beta testing, is a service that will upload SoundCloud Pro and Pro Unlimited users’ original music to major streaming services like SpotifyApple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Instagram, and more.

SoundCloud has long been known to support content creators in a way unseen from any other platform. That’s one quality Trainor honed in on during his time at the helms of the company. So he brought in features like Serato integration, rights clearances with Dubset, and now Soundcloud Premier Distribution.

The new feature means producers can get paid for plays without having to seek out distribution channels. Unlike major music labels and some music collectives, SoundCloud will not take a cut of royalties from streams, allowing content creators to keep 100% of their distribution royalties and 100% of their rights at no additional cost.

Of course, the service costs $6/month for SoundCloud Pro and $12/month for Pro Unlimited. So what’s in it for SoundCloud? They’ll be making their profits from new subscriptions, which is the point.

In order to qualify, users must be Pro/Pro Unlimited, at least 18 years of age or older, have no copyright strikes and at least 1,000 monetizable track plays, and be “creators of original music,” meaning no copyrighted materials or samples in tracks.

All eligible users will receive an email about Premier distribution service in the coming weeks.