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ODESZA’s A Moment Apart is coming to its finale as duo prepares to head back into the studio

Alas, the time has come for ODESZA to put their monumentally successful A Moment Apart tour to rest. It seems like just yesterday that fans were getting new album IDs from their Red Rocks run in 2017. It was a time right before they released their third studio album, subsequently going on a grueling two-year touring adventure to every corner of the earth.

Of course, fans have known for some time that the day would surely come. They did reveal in a past radio interview that they would be stopping touring soon to focus on an entirely new sound. In lieu of the inevitable, the Seattle-based duo announced in a heartfelt video that ODESZA will be officially ending this chapter with a final A Moment Apart show.

The finale will take place July 27 at Los Angeles State Historic Park with support from Big Wild, Evan Giia, MEMBA, and ford. Tickets will be on sale here beginning March 29.


ODESZA Final Show