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Stream Laika Beats’ poltergeist bass anthem, ‘Merry Jane’

Colorado native Josh Thompson, known more widely as Laika Beats, has been steadily unloading singles steeped in his heavily saturated bass lines. His most recent project, a joint EP with Mersiv and Knat Turner, has been sending shockwaves through the Wakaan community. Now Laika Beats returns with a one-off single, “Merry Jane,” that simply slams.

Filled to the brim with poltergeist bass, seismic drops, aggressive synths, and in-your-face vocals, the track wreaks havoc from beginning to end. Laika Beats has become known for a very specific line of experimental bass, complete with budding progressions and tumultuous breakdowns. “Merry Jane” adds another of Laika Beats’ signature sound to his growing discography, or as he calls it for fun, “dankstep.”

Laika Beats is currently on the road on the Dark Places tour with Emalkay and Thelem. View dates and listen to “Merry Jane” below.

Emalkay Dark Places Tour Merry Jane