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Ganja White Night pulls back the curtain on their mind-melting eighth studio album, ‘The One’

Ganja White Night continues to innovate through a captivating sound design that creates a mind-melting experience with welcoming ear-candy appeal. The Belgian bass duo has now released their highly-anticipated eighth full-length effort, The One, available under their Subcarbon imprint.

Composed of 13 fluidly-designed and intricately textured tracks, Ganja White Night brings forth dub and reggae flavors dipped in their stylish wobbles and straight-up weird bass. Collaborators on the album include UK dubstep icon Caspa, internationalist extraordinaire Apashe, and New Orleans ground shaker Boogie T.

From the howling soundscape of the title track, “The One,” to the screeching bass melodies, laser-sharp pulsations, and steady drum work on “Whoop,” listeners will know within the first few tracks that they are embarking on an elaborate story-telling journey. Before long, “Mr. Wobble Drop Killla” brings on a tribal trap rhythm with a primal feel as UK pulses strike and blend with percussive builds and crunchy bass risers.

As another standout track on The One, “Sunset Sherbert” builds through vocal drones, synthesis leads, and minimal drum work liveliness which darkens mid-way through feel-good bass thrills. The culminates as a sensory overload experience that hits deeply into the heart.

The Caspa-assisted track, “Mr. Fix It,” is action-packed and flavorful. Thick progressive basslines and vocal samples reflect creative, game-changing melodic twists. “Dark Heart Surgery” is a funky, waltz escapade synced with crescendoing bass growls. The result is a track shrouded in mystery and spooky vibes suspensefully triggering and shaking up the core.

As long-time innovators, Ganja White Night have experienced massive growth and continued support over the past few years with a sound that purely defines their quality moniker. Everything comes down to freshness with the taste-making duo. With their eighth studio album release, and a massive nation-wide tour with support from Boogie T, Jantsen, and Subdocta, fans are sure to remember 2019 as the year that Ganja White Night once again ushered in a new sound era.