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1788-L takes a stab at the Halloween theme song

For the coming Halloween festivus, countless dance music artists are giving their fans insatiable treats in the form of brand new music. REZZ and Malaa have released their long-awaited collaboration, Ravenscoon and RL GRIME have unleashed their respective Halloween mixtapes, and Crankdat has delivered his FEARWORLD EP, just to name a few.

Among them is Dallas-based Glitch maestro, 1788-L, whom has remained relatively quiet on the release front lately. That all comes to end on this Hallow’s Eve as 1788-L takes on the Halloween franchise’s trademark theme song. While the original theme in the string of Michael Myers-led films first arrived in 1978, the song still manages to resurface every time spooky season rolls around.

Forty-one years after the slasher film debuted, 1788-L’s very own spin on the haunting movie melody line packs a punch. He takes on the inevitable task of mastering a 5/4 falling time signature and inserts his computerized screeching synths on the builds. Then, just when listener thought their ears were safe, he drops them right into the chase scene of a Halloween scene, which is exactly how one would feel if they were in pursuit from Michael Myers himself.