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Walker & Royce drop off red-hot remix of Dom Dolla’s “San Frandisco”

House music heavy hitters Samuel Walker and Gavin Royce have been busy this year. A double-single, “Bodies Do The Talking,” followed by the four-track “Rave Grave” project on Diplo’s Higher Ground imprint, paved the way for a successful summer of shows and having their music played out across the world by an ever-expanding list of DJs. The Dirtybird duo, known formidably as Walker & Royce, has added one more feather in their cap for 2019 with the release of their highly-anticipated remix of “San Frandisco.”

Originally a tune by Australian producer Dom Dolla, the Walker & Royce take on the track features all of the mainstays of their production. Rolling, bouncing bass grooves, energetic plucks and anthemic swells and stabs populate the musical landscape. The dynamic, almost wistful middle section adds a great deal of character and flavor to the track.

Producers like Walker & Royce are what make the house scene so exciting these days, especially the culture surrounding Dirtybird and boss Claude Von Stroke’s penchant for events and sharing music. Check out the “San Frandisco” remix and gear up for Dirtybird’s growing festival scene as we enter 2020!