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Electric Forest’s 10th anniversary sells out in record time

It was anticipated that Electric Forest was going to sell out fast, but nobody thought it was going to sell out this fast. Last year tickets had sold out in about three hours but this year, in under an hour of general admission tickets being on sale, the event was entirely sold out. As a matter of comparison, the 2019 event sold out in a matter of seven hours. This didn’t come as a total surprise though, after all, it is their 10-year anniversary. Coupled with the fact that they just released an incredibly exciting phase one of the 2020 line-up earlier this week.

For those who were unable to snag tickets this morning, do not worry! There will be plenty of tickets for sale online at face value leading up to the event. Also, be on the lookout for resale tickets on the official wristband exchange hosted by Lyte. 

Photo Credit: Bridgette Mitchell/Conscious Electronic for Electric Forest.