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Envision rounds out phase two of their 2020 lineup with Jan Blomqvist, the Human Experience + more

Envision Festival has become one of the most talked-about international events over the last few years. Music fans, musicians, yogis, and nature lovers alike have spent the better part of a decade flocking to the beautiful western Costa Rican coast for an annual week of total immersion in conscious culture. For their tenth anniversary, Envision has pulled out all the stops to make this year’s gathering one for the books. Now, the festival’s just-released second phase of the lineup all but ensures that it will be.

Second phase additions include German live techno legend Jan Blomqvist, electronic pioneer The Human Experience (along with side project Gone Gone Beyond), Morillo, Beats Antique‘s Nico Luminous and David Satori (both of whom have been featured in CE‘s weekly Midweek Mantra Mix series). These artists, including many more, are making Envision’s tenth anniversary event as well-rounded and robust as ever, with an emphasis on live instrumentation and global influences.

Joining headliners in CloZee, Tipper, and Rüfüs Du Sol already on the first phase line-up, Envision is sure to be a powerful force of positive music and vibrations. Ever a convergence of culture, intellectual connection, and physical embodiment of an awakened set of values, the festival’s lineup again reflects the uplifted perspective that attendees who make the pilgrimage are seeking out.

deya dova.jpg

Deya Dova performs on the Luna stage.

Known for pioneering the combination of sustainability with music festival culture, Envision has long championed the peripherals that come with the experience. Activities like yoga, workshops, lectures and participatory permaculture—so often relegated to being an afterthought of most gatherings—take an equal share of the spotlight as the music. Yoga teachers and workshop presenters are listed on the main festival lineup flyer, which is a rare but welcome practice that Envision puts into place. A host of performing troupes, fire performers, aerialists and many more will also be everywhere on the festival grounds and frequently performing alongside the musicians on stage.

envision beach crew.jpg

The festival grounds, set in the rainforest, are within walking distance of the beach.

Importantly, Envision is also known for including local music, art, and employees to help contribute to the surrounding community’s well-being. Each year, festival attendees have the option to take a day during the festival and participate in a tree-planting initiative, along with other environmental and sustainability programs designed to preserve the rich biodiversity of the beautiful Costa Rican landscape.

Taking place from February 17-24, 2020, Envision holds its annual gathering in Uvita, Costa Rica. Tickets are still on sale on Envision’s website.

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