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Burning Man 2020 Temple

Burning Man Reveals 2020 Temple theme, EMPYREAN

Following the recent announcement of their 2020 theme, Burning Man has just revealed its new temple design: Empyrean.

Each year, Burning Man’s temple design holds cosmological importance for the utopian constituents of Black Rock City. Sitting at the heart of the playa, exactly adjacent to the Burning Man effigy, the temple offers a point of gathering, offerings, and homage. It also acts as a compass for mapping the entire playa, all before getting burned to the ground.

Burning Man Arts has just announced that they’ve selected the 2020 Temple: “Empyrean” by Laurence “Renzo” Verbeck and Sylvia Adrienne Lisse. The announcement comes right on schedule, following the reveal of the Burning Man 2020 theme, “The Multiverse,” which came last October.

“The creation of art, whether a large structure like Empyrean or molding a handful of clay, is a deeply fulfilling process,” says Renzo. “It’s a lifelong calling without a name or voice. The energy, drive and cooperative creative spirit that envelopes collaborative creation, like a Temple build, inspired me to submit a Temple design for 2020 and lead people to the height of their individual and group potential.”

The Design

Last year, Burning Man’s temple aimed for a more simplistic and linear design with “The Temple of Direction.” In 2020, The Empyrean blends seamlessly into its new theme of The Multiverse. Standing at 70 feet at its highest point and 200 feet in diameter, Empyrean symbolically appears as an eight-pointed star. Each spoke of the star forms a vast canopy leading to the middle, providing ample space to place offerings.

The central interior of Empyrean represents the point where one can interact with their own highest concept of the divine. This pinnacle point offers the healing properties of its central, eternal flame: reflection, resolution, release, and renewal.

In medieval cosmology, ‘Empyrean’ represents the highest celestial point, the apex where humanity can touch the cosmic dimensions. Fittingly, this sacred confluence is believed to be the birthplace of fire.’ – Katie Hazard, The Burning Man Journal

Surrounding the temple is a plethora of flag poles are integrated into the design. Each flag can be written on and pulleyed to the top.

At the central gathering area, a large wooden sculpture resembling a flame hovers above. The flame rises from the center of the temple and is a beacon that can be seen from across Black Rock City, day or night. A flickering light will illuminate the centerpiece to simulate fire.

How to Get Involved

Each year, building the Black Rock City Temple monumental affair that requires volunteers. Renzo and Sylvia look to the community to give life to the temple. The temple build will take place primarily in Oakland. Interested volunteers can fill out the form here.

The Empyrean Temple also has a Kickstarter fundraiser for anyone interested in contributing.

Via: Burning Man Journal.