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Electric Hawk shares ethereal ‘Rebirth’ compilation album with plenty of exciting underground talent

A new era has dawned for dance music blog turned record label, Electric Hawk. The music sharing platform recently launched their imprint with an artist compilation album, In Harmony, which features rising underground talents Ravenscoon, MIZE, illanthropy, Super Future, and more. Now, the collective returns with their second follow-up compilation, Rebirth, to propel a whole new set of artists into the spotlight.

Whereas In Harmony was incredibly bass-heavy, Rebirth hones itself into a chiller, ethereal direction. The focus on this 14-track journey is to showcase a variety of genres, including wave, melodic bass, trap, and more. To meet these ends, they’ve scoured the internet for the best in the underground scene, putting artists like Fyoomz, Cole Jackson, Voliik, w/out, and many more together.

From AVOLO’s cinematic title track, “Rebirth,” and w/out’s gorgeous atmospheric styling on “Don’t Tell Me,” to the glitchy landscapes of LEVITY’s “Paradise” and the melodic musings of NYM’s “Memories,” the entire project soars, uplifts, and delights. Not to mention, it puts several highly-talented underground producers right onto our radar.

Electric Hawk‘s mission has always been to develop a strong music-sharing culture within the online dance music community. Rebirth is a testament to that fact.