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Freddy Todd leaves plenty of ‘FREDCRUMBS’ on new experimental EP

Fans haven’t heard from Freddy Todd in quite some time. The Detroit born, Asheville residing bass talent released his last proper studio project last year on Wakaan in the form of a 9-track LP, WRECKULOUS. Freddy has always been a bit of a chameleon both on stage and in the studio. Now Todd returns eight months later with an experimental three-tracker, FREDCRUMBS, which he independently released via Freddy Todd Music.

With productions that are shapeless, formless, and somewhere in the lexicon between lazer-bass and glitch-funk, his style has always been hard to pin him down. Yet, his roots in motown, soul, blues, jazz, funk, hiphop (and techno for that matter) roots always shine through. This much is clear on FREDCRUMBS, in which the Madison House producer leaves plenty of breadcrumbs, or clues and hints of what direction the amorphous producer is heading in.

From the opening track, “Dig A Hole,” with it’s traces of DnB, break beats, and dub-heavy drops, to four-to-the-floor elements on “Realm Blown,” which have listeners questioning how he’s entering into house territory, to ominous, extraterrestrial tones of “TypeShit TypeShit,” FREDCRUMBS is as experimental as it comes. The EP captures the full range of expressiveness, fearlessness, and space-traveling qualities of Freddy Todd’s music.