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Mikey Lion releases 'I Feel High' EP

Mikey Lion releases third EP in ‘Road to Desert Hearts’ series, ‘I Feel High’

Desert Hearts co-founder and San Diego-native Mikey Lion hasn’t released new original music in over year. However, he promises that’s going to change in a major way in 2020. To kick things off, he’s released two fresh new dancefloor stompers to continue along his label’s Road to Desert Hearts EP series. The series was meant to build excitement for Desert Hearts’ landmark festival, taking place next month on

“The next EP on our ‘Road To Desert Hearts’ Series is from yours truly,” says Mikey Lions. “Titled ‘I Feel High,’ it’s mean, it’s techie, and it’s been killing dance floors for me everywhere I play.”

The two-tracker is quintessential Mikey Lion piece of work. Part mythical desert harlequin, part modern soul conductor, Mikey Lion fills the EP out with dusty mystique, boisterous beats, and brooding techno aesthetics. It’s the perfect third deliverance to an already energetic, wacky, and fun-filled EP series. Also check out Porky and Mitch Dodge’s Chameleon EP and Lee Reynolds and Memo Rex’s Long Weekend EP.

The freak of nature and a controller of energy has some big news coming in the next couple of month that he says he can’t wait to share with his fans. “I feel like I’m making the best music of my life these last few months and I can’t wait for you all to hear it,” says Mikey Lions.

Desert Hearts Festival takes place the following month, April 23-27, at  Purchase tickets here.