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Genre-defying electronic producer Swayló silhouetted against a foggy outdoor night

SWAYLÓ delivers ‘Angel Of Light’ to honor the March super moon

Swayló is one emerging house producer who has been on many dance music outlet’s radars. At CE, we’re especially drawn to his vision, his work, and his ethic because they comport so nicely with our personal mission: to provide readers with a more consciously oriented way of learning about dance music culture. The deep connection Swayló shares with mother nature is also a driving force of his artistic vision, as he aims to tap into an ancient energy dwelling from within the cosmos.

It’s a vision that shine on Swayló’s debut single on the label, IN / ROTATION. Swayló honors the peak of the lunar cycle with an invigorating deep house single that doubles as a salutation to the full moon, which reaches it’s peak in the wee hours of this morning and will continue shining brighter and bigger in tonight’s night sky. He says of the single: “I am releasing ‘Angel of Light’ on this full moon to remind you of your resilience and of the light that you are. In times of darkness, create, for it will bring you back to your source.”

With his intention set, Swayló looks skyward and pays tribute to the glowing celestial body across his offering’s 5-minute run. Propelled by impeccably executed hand percussion hits, shuffling drums, low-rumbling basslines, entrancing chants, and sweeping arpeggiations, “Angel of Light” is a mesmerizing manifestation that is woven together into a primordial groove. It’s dance music with a higher purpose, and it provides yet another reason why you need to keep Swayló in your line of sight.

For those who may not have heard of Swayló’s background, this is a guy who’s sound, much like his own heritage, is a melting pot of cultures from around the world. The multinational phenomenon has been channeling his cross-continental roots via a project that probes the globe through earthly tones and tribal-tinged textures.