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Stylust gives Minnesota’s ‘Too Faced’ a blistering official remix

Collaborators Minnesota and Stylust have banned together again on the remix front. Following their 2018 release of the dubstep/reggae fused single, “Burn,” featuring Gisto, Minnesota has asked his bass-heavy counterpart to provide an official remix of his recent psychedelic dancefloor pleaser, “Too Faced.” Stylust was happy to comply, just coming off his Activated EP at the latter end of last year.

The LA-based producer strips “Too Faced” down to its skeletal parts and slaps his own gritty low-end wizardry on the remix. Hardley resembling it’s original at all, the touch-up version features blistering bass lines, ominous atmospheric synths, bouncing arpeggios and deep, distorted wobbles. All of these elements provide the perfect landing strip for Reks’ pitched down vocals to glide over. Listen below.

Photo credit: Banana Cam Photo.