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Giraffage continues comeback streak with energetic new single, ‘Basketball’ [WATCH]

There is definitely a theme emerging with Giraffage‘s recent releases. The Taiwanese-American producer turned heads recently when he released his first single in over three years with “Workout.” Now Giraffage releases “Basketball” on Counter Records which hints that his next string of releases are going to be thematically arranged around some concept of sport and physical fitness.

Composed almost entirely of basketball samples and sounds, the track leans electro with its heavy synths, sawtooth waves, buzzing basslines. About midway through the track, though, “Basketball” introduces a prolonged bridge that feels cinematic and floaty so as to give listeners a break from the intensity around the song’s chorus lines. By the end, the track feels a lot like running down the court, making the lay-up, taking a quick time-out, before going back into the game.