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Listen to Purity Ring’s holographic third studio album, ‘WOMB’

Ever since Purity Ring gave us Another Eternity, fans have been anticipating the duo’s return for a full five years.  The sophomore release saw Megan James and Corin Roddick push the dark, electro-pop sound they pioneered on their debut LP, Shrines, into a brighter, lighter direction, all the while maintaining their mystical sound. The album was considered a sleeper, which is perhaps why their third full-length, WOMB, took as long as it did.

Arriving as the duo’s third studio effort, WOMB has already seen a slew of early single releases, with “stardew,” “peaceful,” “pink lightning,” and “i like the devil.” With the addition of six more tracks, WOMB signals a new creative direction that fuses the different sounds on Purity Ring’s first and second albums. Equipped with synth-pop atmospheres, holographic landscapes, robust instrumentals, James’ resonant vocals, and light-hearted textures, this is one project that screams Purity Ring through and through.

Featured photo: Dave Lichterman.