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Duskus returns to bitbird for forthcoming ‘Rising’ EP, release title track as first single

Following the successful release of collaboration, “Be There One More Time,” the UK-based, signature bitbird artist Duskus is back with the first single off his upcoming Rising EP. Having been on the rise for several years now, Duskus’ music has naturally developed along with his career. With the release of EP’s title single, “Rising,” Duskus introduces this developed sound to the masses, while also giving a realistic peek at what we can expect for the rest of the EP.

“The inspiration behind this single for me was to try and create something unique, but still listenable,” Duskus shares on creation of the song. “Something that people can enjoy and understand even though it’s something new. When working on this EP, a lot of my focus was more into sound design which is something new to me. I realized that the sound of something can actually evoke emotion, and I wanted to focus as much attention on this as I could.”

Meeting somewhere between house and electronic pop, the energetic song combines Duskus’s classic emotional vocal chops and electronic style with new acoustic and quirky, futuristic sounds. Starting off with a beautiful vocal, the song quickly builds momentum to bring you something completely unexpected and new in the drop, presenting us with a raw yet timeless sound that we can only hope to hear more of from Duskus in the future.

At 22 years old, London-based producer Duskus is one of the UK’s brightest rising stars. After being gifted a guitar at age eight, music quickly became Duskus’ greatest passion. He was drawn to the world of electronic production due to the possibilities it presented. The project embodies his wide-spanning influences to create music that is deeply emotional and melodic while still driving and danceable.