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Hot Since 82 announces third studio album, releases ‘Eye of the Storm’ ft. Liz Cass

After almost a decade into his project, Hot Since 82 continues to be an unstoppable force in the underground techno and house realms. In 2019, the Brit DJ/producer, known to his close confidants as Daley Padley, played an impressive Cercle set at the Culture Club Revelin terrace in Dubrovnik, Croatia, which was home to Kings Landing for the filming of Game of Thrones. Some months later, Padley then delivered his melodically adept album, 8-track. Now, nearly a year since the album’s release, Hot Since 82 returns with “Eye of The Storm,” the first track from his next studio album.

The single offers a first glimpse into Hot Since 82’s upcoming 12-track album, Recovery, which is set for wide release in the fall of this year. “Eye of The Storm” purports a uniquely seductive melodic-centered approach that can be heard on Padley’s previously released album. With the help of singer-songwriter Liz Cass, the track proffers a softer side of Hot Since 82 with a sensual four-to-the-floor beat and vocally driven allure, contrasting the more club-centric tracks of his past catalogue.