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Desert Dwellers present final chapter to ‘Breath Re-Imagined’ Trilogy

Arriving as the third and final chapter in Desert Dwellers’ genre-twisting odyssey of electro world fusion, Breath Re-Imagined Vol. 3 opens the sonic gates to a realm of hypnotic and driving rhythms born from the interiors of the electronic underworld. Imbued with the raw and psychic energies of deep and ethereal techno, this 10-track opus completes the remix trilogy sparked by producer-duo Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe’s top-selling 2019 electronica album, Breath, and draws us back to the dark tribal tech sound that started it all over two decades ago.

Guiding listeners beyond the bass-centric and deep-tech stylings of Volumes One and Two, the third installment’s international crew of remixers has entered into the soul-stirring essence of Desert Dweller’s iconic psychedelic sound and re-tooled it for the uptempo dance floor. All by deploying a steadfast mixture of uplifting and pulsating beats to showcase the surreal and often visceral dimensions embedded within Breath’s original compositions.

Bringing the underground club and festival sounds of Europe, Australia, Israel, and the Americas to Breath, Desert Dwellers’ league of remixers each take a piece of the original and construct whole new worlds. Uone, D-Nox & K.A.L.I.L., Dance Spirit, and Griffin Paisley transport listeners through surreal and digital dreamscapes, while Yuli Fershtat, Jamie Stevens, and Speaking in Tongues offer raw and cerebral detours into the mind further.

On the warm and evocative end of the collection come tracks by Luke Mandala and Djuma Soundsystem. What better way to close out the collection than a euphoria-driven remix of “One That Shows the Way” by Desert Dwellers themselves. They have a way of ending the current collection and the entire trilogy on a richly-layered psychedelic note.

A tantalizing balance of dark and radiant musical energy that celebrates the diversity of each remixer’s musical heritage, the Breath Re-Imagined series is a memoir of Desert Dwellers’ reverence for uptempo music and a voyage into the soul of global dance floor culture. 

Breath Re-Imagined, Vol. 3 is out now via Dreaming Awake Records

Desert Dwellers – Breath Re-Imagined LP

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