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Petit Biscuit delves into imaginary landscapes and emotive bliss on genre-bending sophomore LP, ‘Parachute’

Nearly three years have elapsed since Petit Biscuit released his breakthrough debut studio album, Presence, which earned its very own headline tour and global chart-topping status. While the French songwriter/producer, known to close friends and family as Mehdi Benjelloun, has gone on to release sporadically and carefully since 2017, all of that comes to fruition now in his sophomore full-length album, Parachute.

The nine-track LP, released on the Paris-based Écurie Records, boasts the delicate indie-pop beats and genre-bending style that have come to define Benjelloun over the years. With already-released tracks like “Burnin,” “Pick Your Battles” with Diplo, “Drivin Thru The Night,” and the shallou-assisted “I Leave Again,” five more tracks come to shape out the album for a well-rounded journey into imaginative domains and floating atmospheres.

From the LP’s lyrically-led ballads, “Take Cover” and “Constellation,” which utilize Benjelloun’s own vocals, to the alternative-leaning track, “Gwana,” and the experimental percussive work on the album closer, “Hang On,” Parachute is a deep dive into Petit Biscuit’s emotive measures and smooth textures. It’s an imaginative world that Petit Biscuit builds, whereby listeners can rest easy and get lost in a state of reflexive bliss.

On his creative evolution during the album process, Petit Biscuit explains:

You’re waking up, you’re thinking about your project. You’re going to sleep, you’re thinking about your project. It’s taken all my life and I realized I needed to think about other things for my mental health, to feel a bit more normal. I focused on other activities and I took time to see my friends more, to talk with people, and have real conversations. It was a time to question myself, what I believed in, and what I wanted. It was a long road, but I think I came out on the other side a better person and more comfortable with who I was.”

Petit Biscuit

Parachute comes with an indie-leaning lyric video for the LP’s Diplo collaboration, which shows Benjelloun pulling an open parachute across a lo-fi-filtered desert field. Stream Petit Biscuit’s Parachute LP below.

Petit Biscuit – Parachute LP


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