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Josh Teed flexed his sonics strength on new Gradient Perspective record, ‘Warrior’

Organic bass producer and violinist Josh Teed is someone who ought to be on everyone’s up-and-comer list. In 2020 alone, the New Hampshire-based artists signed with a new label, launched his very own imprint in Taiga Collective, released his debut album in the aptly-titled Emergent, along with a blissful downtempo EP, and released a stunning unofficial CloZee remix. Now Teed has released a strong new world bass track on The Gradient Perspective, titled “Warrior.”

With a title to match its strength in terms of sound design, Teed explores natural samples, harmonic violin chords, tribal tones, glitchy breakbeats, and more, all through a clean bass-fueled sound design. The record promises to take listeners deep into nature, throughout dripping fx and indigenous sonics. As with all of his tracks, Josh Teed never ceases to pump out music that is substantive and graceful. He never stops short and never shoots for less than his very best. Take a listen to the four-minute original cut below.

Josh Teed – Warrior

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