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GRiZ composes ground-shaking brass banger with first single of the year, ‘Vibe Check’

If there is anyone more capable of putting people in a good mood, it is electro-soul, funk, and dubstep producer GRiZ. Filling people up with hope and positivity everywhere he goes, the sax blasting, beat-making philanthropist seems to be driven to do anything it takes to better those around him. From holding weekly meditation sessions with his fans on Instagram Live or hosting his annual 12 Days of GRiZMAS charity in Detroit, hometown hero Grant Kwiecinski sees no end to the ways in which he can help others. 

While his endeavors outside the studio offer plenty to talk about, GRiZ is once again making headlines for the same reason that made him famous — his music. GRiZ’s first official single of 2021, “Vibe Check,” is entirely on-brand for the 30-year-old in regards to both its positive nature and the trademark future funk sound the track contains. In this case, the two play hand in hand. 

The song intros with a sassy saxophone chorus that loops listeners from one drop to the next, each one plunging deeper than the one before it. GRiZ goes on to provide an enchanting and uplifting bass-brass symphony that only gets better and more intoxicating as the measures progress. As he has proved in many cases prior, this Denver-based Michigander has developed a mastery of balancing saxophone prowess with speaker-shaking dub in such a way that accents and distinguishes his sonic personification.

While GRiZ certainly has his hands full playing and planning live streams or supporting Camp Kulabunga, his wellness retreat taking place virtually this weekend (February 20-21), he is clearly making some time to perfect his craft. The end of 2020 saw GRiZ releasing the 3rd rendition of Chasing the Golden Hour in September and following it up a month later with his sixth edition of the Bangers.Zip EP saga. Both collections of music have been warmly accepted following their releases.

GRiZ went on to close out 2020 with his annual GRiZmas festival, a charity event that supports music education for Detroit’s youth. Given the number of suspected IDs present in his GRiZmas set, which one might note had incredible production and stage design, fans should be expecting GRiZ to be releasing a whole lot more in the coming months. So stay tuned, and stay smiling.

GRiZ – Vibe Check

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