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Jam and bass heads will be ‘Livin’ for Tripp St.’s newest single on Odyzey Music

An enigma of the music world, Tripp St. first showed up on music radars in March of 2020 with an ID-packed mix titled “Welcome to Tripp St.” With no inkling as to who the artist behind the screen is or where they came from, Tripp St.’s existence is shrouded in mystery. Delivering blissful and bass-fueled takes on jam and funk-inspired tracks, Tripp St. provides mellow and soulful spins on electronic music.

“Livin” follows the release of “I Am Back,” and marks the second single from their forthcoming debut LP, Welcome To Tripp St. This warm and inviting track is a harmonious blend of elysian chords and bright organs with funk-inspired roots that is equal parts energizing and calming. Putting a spotlight on Tripp St.’s sound design expertise, “Livin” is some of the masked producer’s very best work to date. Both “Livin” and “I Am Back” give the audience a peek behind the curtain of what’s to come from this enigmatic newcomer’s highly anticipated debut LP.

Setting the industry ablaze through the marriage of mystery and sound, Tripp St. has already garnered a large and loyal fanbase that led to their vinyl pre-order selling out all 500 copies in a matter of minutes. Whoever they may be, they have us hooked and extremely excited for whatever comes next. Tripp St.’s debut studio album will be released on March 5 on CloZee‘s imprint, Odyzey Music.

Tripp St. – Livin

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