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Toadface Tides

Toadface releases 5-track concept EP inspired by Ian Urbana book, ‘Tides’

There’s no lack of creativity coming out of Toadface‘s brain. Fresh off delivering his warbly bass mixtape with over 20 unreleased tracks, Toadface now brings experimental bass fans his newest concept album, titled Tides. The five-track project is based on the research of NY Times writer, Ian Urbana, on the book Outlaw Ocean and meant to raise awareness around how maritime law fosters an environment for human trafficking.

Urbina’s book details the crime and extralegal activity that transpires in international waters. Through in-person field reporting, he captured real-life experiences and recordings of the horrors that occur at sea and explains why change needs to occur in order to resolve the issues at hand. From the ambient opening track, “Elders,” all the way to its uplifting indie-tinged closing title, “Down,” what Toadface has constructed here is like nothing fans have heard before.

Intelligent and unsuspecting, yet soothing and relaxing, Tides is an important piece of work that deserves praise. In combing written and aural forms, Toadface has created art around blended content that is urgent, dramatic, and global. The result is music that is tied to something much deeper: a set of stories, a collection of issues, powerful visuals, all seasoned with sounds from the reported footage itself. As such, the songs Toadface has created here have vital backstories and infinite depth to them.

Toadface – Tides

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