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Jantsen goes full-throttle on tumultuous new Subsidia statement, ‘Gutter Til I Die’ EP

Jantsen is back on the production saddle and has officially stepped into the release ring once again. Not that he really ever went anywhere, doling out plenty of his Gutter Music mixes over the past year, in addition to making his most recent CouchLands set public. Still, the Boulder, Colorado resident has yet to release a substantial project since last year’s Gutter Juice EP on Circus Records. That changes now as Jantsen touches down in the City of Subsidia, a likely home for the heavy dubstep purveyor, on a four-track EP, titled Gutter Till I Die.

Continuing along with the fitting theme of gutter music, a perfectly suitable subgenre that has categorized his signature sound over the last couple of years, Jantsen’s newest EP starts off at full-throttle with the title track, “GTID,” which is an anthemic joint co-produced with SuperAve. Next up is “Nasty,” which is a classic call back to the signature line of Jantsen bass that calls together electronica, jazz, blues, funk, rock, and hip-hop influences.

Before long, listeners are dropped off at the third track, “Stomping Grounds,” with no signs of slowing down— the Dirt Monkey influences are prevalent on this four-minute number. The EP only builds in intensity from it’s midpoint, with heavy reverbs, gritty gut punches, and all-around aggression at every turn. Topping the EP off is “Nintendough,” a fast, fun tune utilizing 8-bit synths, verbose bass lines, police sirens, and classic video game samples from the world of Mario.

Jantsen’s musical style looks to the horizon of the scene, progressively pushing creative boundaries, expanding upon the typical to make them abnormal. That’s exactly what bass heads love him for. If nothing else, Jantsen has an inane ability to bring so much energy to every single thing he touches, and his Gutter Till I Die EP is another shining example. Listen to the four-track EP below.

Jantsen – Gutter Til I Die EP

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