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MIZE takes listeners on an elevated voyage through various frequencies of light, ‘REFRACTION’

Photo courtesy of Waakan Records.

Ian Evans often pulls from immediate inspiration for his art, so it’s fitting his melodic dubstep project has become so unique, personable, and sought-after, above all else. When Evans goes on stage, he transforms into his MIZE persona, taking his audience down maze-like progressions through immersive soundscapes, undulating bass lines, layered acapellas, and dirty south hip-hop always sprinkled between.

Growing up in the deep south, Evans was raised by parents fluent in classic rocks and blues. As a teenager, the Alabama-native became obsessed with post-2003 hip-hop and trap (circa T.I. and David Banner), even earning the nickname “Skittles” amongst his friend group for his deep passion for the genre and culture. That’s why MIZE always brings these musical elements into his own original catalogue and his newest Wakaan joint is no different.

One of Wakaan’s brightest new stars, MIZE returns to the label’s weird and wonderful world of left-field bass for his latest single, “REFRACTION.” As the follow-up track to his late-November REFRACTIONS mixtape, an all-original journey that now has over 130K SoundCloud plays, the experimental bass producer takes listeners on an elevated voyage through various frequencies of light. Dipping and twisting through wub-riddled terrains, deep grinding synths, and hypnotic vocal layers, this melodic main course seems to come together so naturally that “REFRACTIONS” is sure to be a top-played song in the many upcoming Wakaan sets of festival season.

“REFRACTION was one of those rare fleeting moments when I sit down in the studio and EVERYTHING just starts falling into place with what feels like no effort. This song is very special to me, as it’s a vibe I’ve been trying to nail since I started my project, and it poured from me out of seemingly nowhere. This is a tune I’ll be rinsing almost every set for years to come.”


With MIZE scheduled to perform at events such as Sound Haven, Imagine Festival, Summer Camp Music Festival, Electric Zoo, and Bonnaroo this year, keep your ears open and ready because “REFRACTION” plays live you can bet the crowd will be moving up and down and around and around. Check out the four-minute cut below, out now via Wakaan.


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