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Stream the ‘Selected by… Flume’ playlist for a taste of his upcoming live sets


The cat is out of the bag and Flume is back in full force. Just this week, Harley Streten shocked the world with his global premiere of “Say Nothing,” featuring MAY-A (the title track to his next full-length project, Palaces). Now the Aussie tour de force has just released a brand new playlist in his usual low-key way. Curated by Streten himself, the 24-track selection of tunes is a close-up into some of the tracks he’s currently listening to right now.

Unsurprisingly, the curation is excellent and “Oh, so Flume” in all respects. What’s more, the playlist is a thoroughly cohesive listening journey that seems to compliment Flume’s signature electronica sound stamp.

Throughout the listening journey, Flume’s careful selection of tunes highlights artists that he’s either worked with previously (SOPHIE, Ross From Friends, Toro Y Moi) or is working with on his upcoming third studio LP (Caroline Polacheck, Oklou); along with some of Streten’s personal favorites (Tinashe, Machinedrum)

If nothing else, Flume is known for his eclectic musical tastes, along with an uncanny ability to highlight niche talent and globe-spanning artists. But what the playlist seems to indicate is most— at least to us— is that Flume is starting to think about his live set. He does have some rather huge billings from April to June already on the 2022 docket: From dual weekends at Coachella to NYC’s Governor’s Ball and Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee.

One thing that’s become predictable about Flume’s incredibly unpredictable nature is that he is always intentional and absurdly cryptic in the way he goes about keeping his global fanbase in the know. So how else could the “Selected By…” playlist be read if not a signal into what his song selection will consist of during these high-profile upcoming live sets? In any case, those experiences are sure to be incredibly immersive, wildly eccentric, and undoubtedly memorable for anyone in attendance.

Fas are only left with one thing to wonder: How will Flume leave his sonic markings on these tracks if and when he does take them to the mainstages of some of the world’s largest festivals? Some spacey synths? Those signature robust drums and punchy percussion? Nuanced indietronica touches? Time will only be able to predict, but one thing that is foreseeable is that Flume will be making the tracks all his own.

Stay tuned for all things Flume and be sure to listen to the below playlist in full. It’s one that we’ve definitely had on repeat all day.

Flume – Selected By… Flume (Playlist)

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