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G JONES and EPROM add another instant classic to their extensive collaborative resume with ‘R.A.V.E.’

G JONES and EPROM are no strangers to working together. With almost half a dozen jaunts together, along with multiples remixes, a full EP and brand new mixtape, and their coveted live b2b set, the two seem to find their rhythm together in the off-rhythmic nature of their broken beat, acid-tinged collaborations. Their newest, “R.A.V.E.” is the second single to land from G Jones’ forthcoming Illusory Tracks EP, following the highly anticipated “Operator,” which landed with the EP announcement a few weeks ago.

“R.A.V.E.” seems to accentuate their styles further as the pair continue to nod back to the 90s rave heydays, a decade they likely both have to thank for laying the cultural foundation for their careers. The three-minute number is a jaunty, high-energy rollercoaster of sound. Between. the throwback video game sampling, dark plucks, heavy synths, and the “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, do it!” sample paying homage to Flosstradamus and TroyBoi’s 2015 trap hit, “Soundclash,” the track certainly seems to be raking in the nostalgia of two different eras of “EDM.”

G JONES’ Illusory Tracks EP has yet to be given a release date as of yet, but from the two tracks already released, G JONES is certainly harnessing the energy of acid and early breakbeat and recontextualizing some of these timeless sounds through the lens of his own creative intuition. More information to come on that, but in the meantime, fans are looking forward to the first-ever G JONES b2b Virtual Self set at Porter Robinson’s Second Sky Festival at the end of the month. Suppose fans will finally find out what happens when happy hardcore and breakbeat hardcore collide!

Stream “R.A.V.E.” now, below.


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