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G Jones & EPROM – Acid Disk 2 EP

Acid meets breakbeat on G JONES & EPROM’s follow-up EP effort, ‘Acid Disk 2’

Photo credit: Tyler Hill Photo.

For quite some time, G JONES and EPROM have garnered themselves a special place in the hearts and bodies of underground bass music aficionados. From their penultimate back-to-back sets that have graced festival stages across the United States, to their epic paired production efforts in the studio, the two heavyweights seem to have a synergy together unlike any other underground bass artist pairing. Not to mention, a shared love for analog. Now the coveted duo release their Acid Disk 2 EP, much to the pure elation of their combined fanbases.

After some time spent teasing their next joint EP project, with the title track first landing back in February, Acid Disk 2 comes on the brink of summer and the next phase of festival installments. The release totals up to six tunes: two from each producer and two joint tracks. Drenched with distorted synths, acid-doused composites, dizzying melodies, and all-around expertly lacerated sound design, Acid Disk 2 is an instant masterpiece as far as any bass head is concerned. As a bonafide standout on the EP, “A2C2I2D” is a sonic homage to the iconic Roland TB-303 Synth that was instrumental in the creation of the acid house genre.

Undoubtedly gaining momentum for their upcoming festival appearances, which see both guys on the LiB and Younderville line-ups, both EPROM and G JONES seem to understand the importance of timing with every release. Perhaps fans can even expect to see one bring the other during their respective sets to showcase “ON MY MIND” or “Final Lap.”

The six-track EP, out now on Illusory Records, can be streamed on any of the digital service providers below.

G Jones & EPROM – Acid Disk 2 EP

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