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Snails announces new ‘Slimeaggedon’ EP, teams with Wooli on ‘Snailephant’

It’s safe to say Snails has had an absolutely explosive 2018. Between releasing a remix pack for his debut album, launching his own imprint, and collaborating with every big name bass producer from Zeds Dead to Boogie T, the self-proclaimed vomitstep producer isn’t on a slowdown path either.

Now Snails has announced a brand new EP in the works, what he’s calling Slimeageddon. Although no release date has been assigned, the EP is coming soon off his label Slugz Music.

At this point, it’s clear Snails has a penchant for combing words. To follow with that homology theme, he’s teamed up with fellow heavyweight bass producer Wooli on a new single in “Snailephant.” The product is melding of two aggressively wild dubstep styles.

The track begins with apocalyptic vocal sample that sounds ripped straight out of a Mortal Combat game: “half snail, half elephant, taking over the galaxy one by one.” After the song’s first drop, frenzied hysteria takes hold with war-path synths, distorted bass lines, and an end goal of pure destruction. It’s any headbanger’s hallowed haven for neck-breaking, teeth-chattering madness.