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Stream Cashmere Cat’s long-awaited sophomore album, ‘Princess Catgirl’

Cashmere Cat has been a rather enigmatic figure over the course of his career. For good reason since Magnus August Høiberg, the man behind the moniker, has admitted to always being shy. He would rather produce behind-the-scenes for others, which has been the case with The Weeknd, Ariana Grande, and other big stars’ albums. But in today’s age of the popstar producer, purveyors of EDM are sometimes more visible than their celebrity pop-counterparts.

To cope with the anxiety of being the center stage spotlight, Høiberg revealed that he created Princess Catgirl as a make-believe figure in his official album announcement:

“She’s very cute and powerful,” Cashy tweeted. “I’ve always been shy—since the beginning of being an artist I would hide my face, not want to do interviews, hide behind other artists. I guess you could say I was scared. So I created Princess Catgirl to be the face of my music. She makes me feel safe.”

After teasing a few singles off the album over the past month, including “Emotions” and “For Your Eyes Only,” Cashmere Cat’s sophomore album now sees its wide release. The seven-track studio effort, dubbed Princess Catgirl, is a beautifully atmospheric journey into synth-heavy landscapes, pop-styled lyrics, heavenly progressions, and budding future bass lines.

From the satirical Christina Aguilera re-work on “Watergirl” to the videogame sampling and light-hearted toybox synth work on “Moo,” the album hits every playful mark. The Lp is completely effortless and, yet, incredibly nuanced the entire stretch of the way. The closing track doubles as the LP’s title track, where Cashmere Cat constructs a delightful playground of sounds that make up the ground for Princess Catgirl’s world. One cannot help imagining the cartoon alter-ego skipping and dancing around some CGI playground.

Uplifting, cheerful, and hilairously jolly, but by no means trivial, Cashmere Cat’s sophomore full-length is as much of a pleasure to hear as it was well worth the wait.