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Kill Paris conjures up daring remix of Haywyre’s ‘Storyteller’

Kill Paris has been busy releasing one-offs since delivering his Galaxies Within Us LP earlier this year. The Colorado-based producer recently teamed up with Dutch Robinson on “Played Out,” which made last month’s edition of The Friday Wrangler. Now Kill Paris has remixed Haywyre‘s “Storyteller” from 2018’s Panaroma: Discover EP.

Kill Paris’ style perfectly compliments Haywyre’s original tune. After a lead-in that transforms Haywyre’s synthesized, robotic-sounding vocals into a retro vibe with an analog tilt, Kill Paris works diligently toward his careening first drop. The song takes off into Kill Paris’ glitched-out terrain, atmospheric breaks, and electro builds. The true payoff arrives at the second drop after a hearty vocal sample that sends listeners into glitchy bliss while Haywyre’s electric guitar riffs float listeners to the end. All in all, it’s a perfect remix because it leaves the original intact while taking on a new vibe of its own sonic volition.