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Bassnectar’s free impeachment show is actually in the works

But it’s not an impeachment event per se. It’s more of a rally to register voters for 2020.

Always a man of his word, Lorin Ashton is holding true to his promise to throw a free show if ever President Trump was impeached while in office. As Bassnectar, Ashton previously took to Twitter responding to April Fool’s Day 2017 pranks of him playing for free.

“The only real one [show] I’ll play for free [is] at Trump’s Impeachment,” Bassnectar tweeted.

Many questions arose over whether Bassnectar was even serious, first off. Even if he was, would the free show go down if the House impeaches the president? Or did he really mean that he would perform the show if the Senate removes Trump from office?

When the House filed two articles of impeachment a few weeks ago, Bassnectar readdressed the matter, putting those questions to bed: “Long deserved IMPEACHMENT of the most corrupt president in our history is INCOMING. So where should we do this free show?”

Now, the day after a deeply divided US House of Representatives impeached Trump, Bassnectar has given a few more details on this rumored free show coming together. The bass music mogul is working with bi-partisan non-profit organization, Head Count, and his own charity non-profit, BeInteractive, to “dream up a free-for-all celebration to rally the vote for 2020.” What’s more, he’s asking his fans where they want this event to take place.

In a historic vote yesterday, the House voted 230-197 to charge Trump with abuse of power and 229-198 to charge him with obstruction of Congress. While the impeachment is only an indictment, it will forever go down in the history books. Trump is only the third president to ever be impeached.

The Senate still must hold a trial to either convict or clear him of the charges. Unlike in the House, where a president can be impeached by a simple majority vote, conviction in the Senate requires 67 votes. Given how the GOP has stood staunchly behind Trump, and Republicans outnumber Democrats/Independents in the Senate 53-47, the odds of Congress actually removing Trump are extremely slim.