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Subtronics mixtape

Stream Subtronics heavy new mixtape installment, ‘Now That’s What I Call Riddim Vol. 5’

Over the past year, Subtronics has soared to towering new heights at a rate that has everyone’s heads turning in the dance music world. The Philadelphia-based producer has armed with an arsenal of heavy-hitting collaborations alongside the likes of GRiZ, KAYZO, Ganja White Night, SNAILS, Rusko, and Zeds Dead—all in 2019 alone. None of that even makes mention of the two EPs he’s released this year or his Cyclops Army fandom movement that’s multiplying as exponentially as an unstoppable virus.

As far as his fan community goes, it’s entertaining in the least to watch the riddim kids go tooth-to-tooth with the headbangers over calling his music dubstep. Almost as hilarious as the vocal samples in his self-proclaimed “spaced out wook trap.” Now Jesse Kardon is here to say: “Its seriously just dubstep, it’s always been dubstep.” At least that’s the tagline in his newest mixtape installment, “Now That’s What I Call Riddim Vol. 5.”

Falling in line with his first four mixes, which each spotlight Subtronic’s signature hard-hitting dubstep and riddim drops, Volume 5 is littered with chaos and confusion. That’s how Kardon prefers it, we’d venture to guess. The collection of wonky, wub-riddled tracks are pieced together by more melodic samples ranging from Virtual Self’s “Ghost Voices,” Cascada’s “Everytime We Touch,” Kid Cudi’s “Day N Nite,” and, hilariously, “It’s Britney, bitch.” At the very least, they provide space to pause, laugh, and breathe between all the shrieks, shrills, and thrills of his stank-facing 35-minute mixtape.

Subtronics delivers in spades and proves he’s a wook of all trades on his newest deliverance of “Now That’s What I Call Riddim.” Listen below.

Photo courtesy of Subtronics/Facebook.