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Bassnectar releases first full-length studio album in four years, ‘All Colors’

Bassnectar’s eleventh studio album, All Colors, was released in the dead of night.

Almost four years ago to date, Bassnectar (aka Lorin Ashton) released his last full-length studio album in Unlimited. The amorphous bass music pioneer then used the next several years to release his four-part Reflective EP series, which he previously stated was meant to explore the theme of how “minds ricochet off each other’s imaginations.” During that span of time, Bassnectar was forthcoming with fans that he had so much music finished for his fourth Reflective installment “that it turned into a full-length album” and “had to [be] split…up into two parts.”

Ashton later revealed in another AMA that the music he was sitting on was originally intended to be apart of a Reflective Pt. 5 project—including collaborations with YOOKiE and UFO!, a VIP Bass Remedy remix of “Empathy,” and that coveted “Skin On The Drum” remix that he debuted at DejaVoom. As it turns out, those tracks made it onto his new All Colors LP, which now sees its wide release on his imprint, Amorphous Records.

The new 15-track deliverance comes with five previously-released tracks. The first two arrived on the first of Bassnectar’s Lockdown Mixtapes, Inside For The People. Then three more tracks were debuted on his second Sound In Motion Mixtape. Because Bassnectar has become known for his midnight releases, ten more tracks arrived in the dead of night. The result is a cohesive, immersive listening journey that deserves to be heard in one sitting to receive the full benefit of Bassnectar’s musical genius.