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MUST LISTEN: Stream Bassnectar’s three new singles from forthcoming ‘All Colors’ LP

Bassnectar has released his second Lockdown Mixtape, Sound In Motion, much to bassheads’ awe and wonder. The quick 30-minute ride takes listeners through some of the sounds that inspired the early Bassnectar dating back to 1999. The mix also included Bassnectar’s highly-sought-after remix of Mars Leon’s “Fire,” which the King of Sound most recently played during his Freestyle Sessions and Freakstyle family gatherings.

Most intriguingly though, the mix also included three tracks from Bassnectar’s forthcoming All Colors LP, which is due to land on June 19. Previously, Bassnectar released two singles from the forthcoming album on his first Lockdown Mixtape of the year, titled Inside For The People. The three new tracks take a deep dive into heavy low-end bass with uplifting high ends, a trademark of the bass music demigod over the past decade or so.

From the bells and chimes over paralyzing bass lines on “Rise & Shine” to the Ashel Seasunz-assisted record that dips into lo-fi, “Rewind The Track,” to a stunning remix of Apashe and Instasamka’s “Eebok Gotta Run,” which recently came out on Apashe’s orchestral LP, Rennaisance, the three new tracks provide a further piece of the puzzle pointing to the sonic direction of All Colors. That is, an immersive sound collage of new and old sounds that will tickle the ear drums, warm the soul, and cause intense head thrashing.

Stay tuned for Bassnectar’s third incoming mixtape, titled Music For Optimists, arriving next month. Bassnectar also just tweeted that a second installment of his Tempo of Dreams Mixtape is currently in works, so hold on for that as well.

Photo credit: aLIVE Coverage/Deja Voom.