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Electric Consciousness | Vol. 003 | DEKAI

One widely-held truth that everyone can seem to agree on is this: Life is hard, and it doesn’t get any easier. We just get tougher. As one gains age and experience, it becomes more critical to practice everyday balance—spontaneity with routine, work with play, control with letting go, and tuning out of the world by tuning into the body. That’s why Conscious Electronic is proud to present our monthly mixtape series, Electric Consciousness. Bringing you the best and latest in bass music every month—from heavy to experimental, tribal to future and funk, left-field to half-time, and more.

Coming in brazenly hot for the third episode of Electric Consciousness is DEKAI, also known under his given name Derek Page, who hails from the beautiful Great Basins of Salt Lake City. DEKAI is no stranger to this website, having been featured on CE‘s Rising Bass Spotlight, our Midweek Mantra Mix, along with many other EP and single releases. We’ve been following Page for quite some time and have seen his numbers rise steadily over the years. Now, more than ever, DEKAI is searing with passion on this sizzling mixtape.

Armed with musical tastes that include a love of all things heavy—including grimy bass, DnB, and filthy dubstep—DEKAI’s sonic identity still balances an eastern-influenced, consciously-attuned sound. He often relies on natural instrumentation like the didgeridoo, tribal African drums, yogic “ohm” chanting, organic samples, and nature backdrops. It’s this style that has earned DEKAI support from Desert Dwellers, Minnesota, PhuturePrimitive, and the like. It’s also granted him performances at Lucidity and DejaVoom’s Open Decks as well as Couchfest, Mystic Visions, and Soul Stream from Bass Feeds The Soul—all during the quarantine era.

DEKAI and An-Ten-Nae goes back-to-back at Syndicate in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Now the underground bass artist has put together an hour-long exclusive mix heavily laced with his own original music, including five new ID tracks, remixes of CloZee, Sohan, deadmau5 and Dillon Francis, Infected Mushroom, and more. DEKAI even does well to offer up a tantalizingly heavy edit of “Visions, Still” from friend and fellow rising bass artist Moon Lotus. “I included a culmination…of old and new tracks that have inspired or been inspired by the DEKAI project over the years,” Page told CE specifically of the track selection.

Fusing everything from hip-hop, breakbeat, tribal, and world music under the constantly-expanding umbrella of bass music, DEKAI’s experimental, amorphous, always-changing style fits perfectly within our mixtape series’ mission. That is, to let go, to tune in, to balance, and to realize that life just has a way of happening.

My intention for this mix was to provide space for introspection, a journey of the mind, and healing of the heart. Something to stoke the flames of inspiration for the listener despite the craziness of today’s world. This mix is, as always, a story for the listener. Feels over Hype. ‘Patience, understanding, and love.’ Huge shout to Conscious Electronic for having me!! Enjoy!


Whether you’re a fan of melodic slow burners, underground bass or heavy West Coast, tribal or glitch, DEKAI’s Electric Consciousness mix truly has something for every bass music aficionado.

Electric Consciousness | Vol. 003 | DEKAI


DEKAI – Visions
DEKAI – Witch Doctor
CloZee – Lonely Island (DEKAI Remix)
Infected Mushroom – Muse Breaks (DEKAI Edit)
Infected Mushroom – Elation Station (DEKAI Edit)
Tool – Parabola (DEKAI “This Reality” Remix)
Orenda – Numinous (DEKAI Edit)
DEKAI – Mantra
DEKAI – Elements
DEKAI – Future Groove
Roborob – Lal (DEKAI Remix)
Soohan – Ohm (DEKAI x Jables Remix)
DEKAI – Introduction (Cinematic Edit)
Ephixa – Awesome to the Max (DEKAI 2020 “Saturn” Edit)
Orbital – Halcyon On and On (DEKAI Edit)
DEKAI – Moon Dance
DEKAI – Soulstep
deadmau5 – Strobe (Dillon Francis Remix) [DEKAI Edit]
Fractal – Avare (DEKAI x Roborob Remix)
Moon Lotus – Visions, still (DEKAI Edit)
Current Effect – Feel You (DEKAI Edit)

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