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Ravenscoon kicks off forthcoming ‘Rapid Eye Movements’ EP with vocal-driven track, ‘Awake’


Bay-area producer Ravenscoon has had a prolific pandemic season. The bass experimentalist, known for incorporating every style of music into just about every genre of EDM, produced an original and immersive EP, absolutely smashed several live streams, released some very timely and eclectic mixes, and found time to collab with friends. Now, he is offering us another EP release, Rapid Eye Movements, due out on January 29.

Otherwise known as Paul Conversano, Atlanta-born Ravenscoon has brought a vast background and appreciation in numerous musical styles ranging from hip-hop to punk rock. These styles are adapted in energetic and inspiring ways into varieties of dubstep, DnB, downtempo, and experimental bass. As a result, Ravenscoon is unique, sounding original in tone, although so many of the techniques and individual motifs he utilizes will sound familiar for one reason or another.

The first track released from the EP, “Awake” (ft. CASHFORGOLD), showcases much of this range. The track is guided by vocals that maintain a high, wispy dialogue while a driving bass percussion and a familiar clean synth move the track along with energy and pace. Adding reverb to the vocals, and progression to the clean synth, the track rises in urgency and conclusion through a heavier lapse into the satisfying chaos of deeper bass reverberations. 

This track offers a surprise in the choice of vocals, though being unpredictable in his choices of inspiration and in his expression is what we’ve come to expect from Ravenscoon. The rest of the EP is sure to also contain some interesting and saucy offerings. Listen to “Awake” now.

Ravenscoon – Awake (Feat. CASHFORGOLD)

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