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Ophelia mainstay MitiS enlists pop-punk songstress SOUNDR on serene melodic ballad, ‘Homesick’

As a long-established veteran of dance music, MitiS is proving to be somewhat of an Ophelia Records mainstay with his emotive line of melodic bass. The native Pennsylvanian has already released “Break The Silence” with label head Seven Lions and his Shattered EP, all in 2019, followed by the leading song in Seven Lions’ Find Another Way remix package last year, and has begun rolling what looks to be a larger cohesive project on the imprint. “Homesick” is the second single from that upcoming larger project, which has remained mostly under wraps to this point, other than an obvious running visual theme in the cover designs of his last two releases.

“Homesick” is a melancholic, piano-driven track accompanied by the soothing lyrics and vocals of pop-punk and emo influenced singer/songwriter SOUNDR. With soothing vocals, deeply emotional lyrics, and soft, serene piano-led melodies, “Homesick” tells one more piece of the story. The track follows up his first single of the year with similarly-styled nature artwork, “Try,” which featured RØRY on vocals. As MitiS continues to drop small Easter eggs as to what he’s got in the works, an aesthetic theme is definitely beginning to emerge. Only time will tell what this accomplished musician has on the horizon.

Joseph Torre, professionally known as MitiS, has been perfecting his unique interpretation of piano-driven melodic bass music since 2012. Growing up in Pennsylvania, MitiS was trained as a classical pianist from a young age. His early musical life became the foundation of his artistic endeavors in both production and live performance. Performing a live set that integrates his production chops and piano roots creates an encompassment of both his early music endeavors and his current vision of musical composition. He’s an artist in the purest sense, pouring his soul into every release.

MitiS – Homesick ft. SOUNDR

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