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CloZee shares beautifully dark remix as part of DEATHPACT’s mysterious ‘ID’ project

Since being propelled into the dance music scene with two high-powered 2019 collaborations, with REZZ and 1788-L, respectively, DEATHPACT has become not only a leader in the half-time bass movement, but a face shrouded in mystery for fans all over the world. Since his live world debut at Shambhala 2019, the artist consistently keeps fans and industry critics alike guessing over their identity and what’s next from the rising star. DEATHPACT’s recent activity is no exception, with a recent string of “ID” remixes that keep us questioning what exactly this enigmatic, faceless producer is up to.

In what appears to be a follow-up remix package to the track, “ID,” which landed around a year ago, DEATHPACT has enlisted a whole host of expert remixers to give the track a reboot. From REAPER‘s hectic drum-n-bass remix, to a heavy metal rendition from Clock Orange and a bouncy house reboot by none other than Dirtybird boss Claude VonStroke, now CloZee comes to the fore with a beautiful bass-bolstered rework that has fans captivated by its darkness. Not only that, the newest remix boasts a music video accompaniment that begs to be watched over and over again.

With art direction by NUMOSIS, and animation by Andri Wibowo, the visual is stunning in its crisp animations and dark scenery as DEATHPACT’s rather omniscient grim reaper figure overlooks a graveyard-like scenery that molds into different spaces on each drop. It’s a visual that fans will be begging to see on huge main stage LED screens once live music returns.

Deathpact – ID (CloZee Remix)


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