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Esseks carves out forthcoming LP pathway with lead single, ‘Watching From a Distance’

Maintaining a full-speed momentum, Brooklyn-based producer Esseks has already made 2021 his own. At the heels of his single “Ellie’s Nap,” which was released on CloZee’s self-curated album Emergence, Esseks is mapping the blueprint for his next full-length album, titled The Villain’s Journey. Ahead of his forthcoming LP, Esseks delivers the album’s lead single, “Watching From a Distance,” a dark genre-bending track out now on Deadbeats.

Inspired by prog rock and other unconventional genres, the LP’s lead single “Watching From a Distance” is a dark and stormy track with hip-hop nuances and warped psychedelic breakdowns. A proper thriller, this lead single is expected to send a shotgun blast into 2021.

“It’s a small piece of a bigger picture”

– Esseks (Sam Eckstein)

Esseks cut his teeth in the dance music space circa 2015 with his explosive debut album, Bad Cartoons. It wasn’t long after his breakthrough that the industry embraced his forward-thinking, cutting-edge production styles. A mutli-faceted creator, Esseks also draws and paints the art for his releases himself. Despite the odds, 2020 was a successful year for Esseks as he released a string of celebrated singles: in his two-track EP Soul Stone with Shanghai Doom on Wakaan and delivered a track for Bassrush’s compilation album, The Prophecy Vol 1.

Esseks – Watching From a Distance

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