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GRiZ goes intergalactic with rocket-fueled release, ‘Astro Funk’

Last year was already a testament to how steadfast and driven GRiZ was to keep creating. Between unloading a long-form album, landing two EPs and a hardy handful of singles, and hosting his own online music festival are just a few of the ways he spent 2020— a time that saw a period of inactivity for a large part of the music world. Now, with restrictions being lifted and the world getting back to normal, GRiZ is coming out of the gates flying. In addition to selling out his two-day music festival, Space Camp, which is set to take place in the legendary Hampton Colleseum later this year, Grant Kwiecinski has also been busy collaborating with fellow artists and releasing music on his own.

GRiZ’s most recent release, “Astro Funk,” lands as the Denver-based producer’s fourth single in four months, following “Vibe Check,” “Ease Your Mind” (with Ganja White Night), and “Bring Me Back” (with Elohim). The song takes the form of a high-powered dubstep track, one that is layered with synthesizers plucked straight from the cosmos and garnished with a bassline that demands attention. All of these elements are carried and guided from measure to measure by GRiZ’s infectiously playful marching band lead-in and his trademark saxophone chorus lines.

The saxophone component in this track is actually what intros the song, creating an inviting and joyous ambiance that is only ripped to shreds moments later by an enormous drop. The juxtaposition of these different elements adds to the energy of the track’s drum kicks, which occur at the song’s transitions.

“Intergalactic blaster Astro Funk bout to take you on a trip. Gas up the spaceship.

– GRiZ

The multi-instrumentalist sound design built on “Astro Funk” is the usual way GRiZ approaches his projects— with the loving and energetically rich intention of having pure fun. From the sound of this newest track addition, there’s no doubt that Grant wants his audience to do the same. Throughout the track, he interjects on the microphone every so often, acting like a hypeman at a concert would. Listeners might even imagine GRiZ hopping around his studio or a stage of his own as he does it. In any case, “Astro Funk” is a planetary banger for the ages and signals a busy year ahead for the legendary producer.

Although he has only announced appearances at a handful of music festivals for 2021, expect GRiZ to be making the necessary trips to bring “Astro Funk” and the rest of his projects he has accumulated over the last year to the eyes and ears of fans everywhere.

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